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* A telemedicine appointment is a real time two way communication with video and audio which will enable you and your provider a way of discussing your health needs safely and securely. 

*In order to prepare for your appointment you should have a stable internet or cell phone connection in a private, quiet, and well lit location. 

*In some instances it will help your provider if you have the following: A recent height and weight, recent blood pressure and heart rate, and a list of all your medicines. 

*Just like a standard in office appointment, our staff will contact you as a reminder and obtain insurance card information. 

*We schedule our telemedicine appointments. When the provider is ready for you, a text will be sent to your device in order for you to connect. This text will not be from out office number, but a unique number (which is the secure access you will connect through!) Although out providers try to run on time, sometimes there may be a delay. 

*You will not need any special software or application in order to connect. When prompted you will be asked if you want to enable your microphone and camera (Click yes!). 

*Sometimes you or the provider may encounter  a connection issue. Sometimes this is fixed by hanging up and then "re-joining" the call. 

Please watch the video below to see what all this may look like! 

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