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Philips Respironics is issuing a recall of a majority of their devices. This is due to a possible problem with the foam that is used inside the machine to dampen the sound coming from the motor. Due to the scale of the recall, this will affect most everyone using a Philips Respironics machine that was issued prior to April of 2021. Please note that if you are using a ResMed device (ex. S9 or S10), this is not known to affect your machine.

The problem seems to be related to the foam breaking down and possibly getting into the blower in some devices. They have determined that some cleaning methods such as “ozone cleaners” will accelerate this process. There have apparently only been a few complaints to the company which prompted them to assess this, however, due to the potential for harm they are recommending replacement of the foam or transitioning to a different device that is not affected. The company has not yet issued a statement as to how the replacement of the foam part will occur.


We are recommending the following:

  1. Anyone with mild to moderate sleep apnea (AHI <30 events per hour) can stop using their device until their unit can be repaired.

  2. People with severe sleep apnea should continue using their device but should use an in-line hose filter (this can be purchased on line or through your CPAP/BiPAP supplier).

  3. You should stop using harsh cleaners or “ozone” cleaners and only clean the machine based on manufacture guidelines.

  4. If you desire or if your machine is older than 5 years of age, we are recommending replacing the whole unit to a newer machine (either the newest Respironics or ResMed device).

  5. In order to initiate the repair of your current machine you will need to register your device. You can do this through Respironics website here: Sleep and respiratory care update | Philips


If you would like to initiate obtaining a new machine or need special assistance, please contact our office so our staff can make an appointment as soon as possible.

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